5 Essential Tips: Mastering the Art of Layering

Who says work clothes can't be elegant? Whether you're dressing for work or just need to beat the cold, you want to do that in style. Mastering the art of layering will help you take your fashion sense up several notches. But everything, including layering, is subject to certain rules. You don't want to do too much or too little, either. To truly become a power-dresser, you must achieve the right balance.

Read through and discover how you can put together edgy, statement-making ensembles through layering.

1. First: Your outfit should have at least three layers

For the base layer, stick with fitting tops and trousers or skirts. Then, the additional layer is there to keep you warm, such as a blazer or a vest made of cashmere. A heavier piece of clothing, such as an overcoat, will make up the third layer.

2. Grey on grey on grey? Yass Queen!

Any gray hue will offer your attire an air of sophistication when you must dress professionally. Take a suit with a coat as an example; it's also great for layering. Add naturally eye-catching checks. Choose a pair of boots and an oversized tan bag to round off the ensemble perfectly.

3. Be cautious with patterns, but not too cautious.

Patterns are great when you want to be bold and expressive with your sense of style, but the result shouldn't appear careless when layering. The base color must permeate the entire ensemble. Don't panic if the patterns don't match, though. You can complete the look for yourself with accessories like a plain backpack or hat.

4. One thick fabric is enough.

This doesn't mean you should limit your jumper selection. But most importantly, get two sweaters to keep warm. The secret is to mix light and heavier knits to avoid overwhelming your body. You can pull off that carefree French look, thanks to this. A knitted vest is an excellent buy that offers an additional layer of warmth without that extra weight.

5. Play with your textures.

If you're going for a monochromatic ensemble, layering with varied textures is very important. You may avoid looking flat or bulky by using different textures and, as a result, add depth and contrast to your look. A contrasting texture works particularly well in the center layer. Try combining stiff and supple materials.

Varied lengths? Yes, please!

A little experimentation with lengths can go a long way toward extending your shape. The top part is definitely much simpler to layer than the bottom. To avoid looking too heavy, length becomes crucial in this situation. You could do this with items like chiffon tops, long knit cardigans, high-waisted pants, and overcoats.

A Style Checklist

Here's a layering checklist for a work outfit that is both comfy and fashionable-looking. First, choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Secondly, stick to free clothes that fall away from your body. Finally, avoid darker tones and use light or bright colors. 

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