8 Secrets to Dressing Professionally as a Working Mom

Going back to work as a new mom can be tough. You're anxious about many things now that your maternity leave is almost over. You need to get the best daycare or nanny to watch your child while you're at work chasing your dreams. You're wondering, "will he be properly fed when I'm not there?" You're anxious about how your co-workers will treat you now that you're a mom, always leaving early during meetings to pump your breast milk. Oh, and the oh-so-popular question, "what do nursing mothers wear to work anyway?"

Of course, you want to wear something that will say, "I'm a boss," or "nope, I'm not sleep deprived," but at the same time, give you the freedom to pump so occasionally your kid has enough milk.  

Here are a few killer tips for what to wear to work that will accentuate your new body and still get you making a statement.

  1. Focus on the fit. As we navigate the mom phase, trying to figure out what we can and can't wear – make sure things fit properly. If something is too tight, too loose, too short, too loose, or too big – it will make you appear larger than you are – leave it at home, or better yet, donate it. 
  2. Get the best bra you can find. Buy a new bra if you aren't nursing; the fit needs to be perfect. Find a nursing bra with a little padding to help with the occasional leakage and give your boobs a much-needed lift. 

Separate a "home bra" from a "work bra" if you ARE still nursing. 

P.s. Your undies aren't left out. Go for seamless – no more panty lines!!

  1. Use lines to manipulate your shape: For a larger bust, wear a long necklace with a large pendant where the pendant ends at the fullness of the bust. This creates an illusion of another neckline, drawing the eye to travel vertically along the body – not across. 

Lines can make you look taller or slimmer when used correctly.

  1. Mix and Match patterns + prints. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and patterns. This can elevate your style and make you stand out from the crowd.

Add new prints to your current wardrobe, then gradually combine 2 or 3 prints. Plain and pattern always work as a combo.

  1. Wherever possible, add structure. With a blazer, even flowy blouses look better!
  2. Learn which colors are right for your skin tone. Knowing which colors suits you can give you that pop you need to upgrade your look, even something as simple as bold red lips.
  3. Play with accessories. Whether you prefer statement necklaces or more dainty ones, balance your accessories. If you have big earrings, pair them with rings. Pro tip: Store some inexpensive jewelry in the workplace if you forget something in haste to leave.
  4. Finally, be intentional with your hair. A sleek bun or ponytail always looks great.

Being a working mom can be tasking and anxiety-ridden (I should know, I've been there). But you know what? You don't have to add the "what to wear" worry to your list of worries. 

We've put together a Lookbook: For working moms, keeping in mind all the tips listed above to make you look stylish and comfortable. Look through our Wrapped with Amore working mom collection and easily pick an outfit that works best for you.

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