How to Build a Boss Lady Wardrobe

Fashion is one of the most potent means for women to express their individuality. You could greatly boost your confidence levels just by being able to put together a stylish outfit.

Therefore, a work wardrobe revamp is necessary, whether you're just starting in the corporate world or far along your career path. Besides, if you're all about building a formula closet that is stylish, classic, and still current, we've got you covered - literally. Your ideal office clothes are just around the corner with the perfect sparkle, the classic-meets-current accessories, and the go-to suits and tops. Check out this style guide below for your everyday work outfit.

Monday: Power Suit statement 

There's Nothing like a strong suit for those Monday business meetings where a little gravitas is needed. A strong, fitted jacket is unquestionably the perfect choice before a business meeting where you need to look in control. The conclusion is: when you're sporting a professional look in a tailored cut that flawlessly flatters your figure, it doesn't take much to make an impact in the boardroom, whether you prefer a sleek, minimalistic cut, a single or double-breasted blazer, or coat. 

Bonus tip: Don't hesitate to take your chosen powerful boss lady suit for adjustments (where necessary) to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

Tuesday: Crew-neck blouse tucked in with a skirt

This look is ultra-classy, imposing, and fashionable. Just how a boss lady ought to be! You could accessorize with huge, wing-shaped eyeglasses, a gold-buckle belt, a broad handbag, and pointed-toe heels to complete the outfit. 

Wednesday: Monochromatic layering

"Dress for the job you wish to have, not the job you have," said Austin Kleon. There's no arguing that! Make a statement in a stunning monochrome-coloured blush suit, which is ideal for breaking up the monotony of your darker suits. Attract attention wherever you go.

Bonus tip: avoid "loud" or distracting makeup looks. With this look, you can also be conservative with your accessories—less is more! You can create a stunning outfit that exudes professionalism by adding a pair of suede shoes in a contrasting colour.

Thursday: Go bold- pair a floral print shirt with straight-leg trousers 

Straight-leg pants are undoubtedly one of those necessary wardrobe staples that any fashionable boss lady should eventually own. If you have the time,  you might consider getting yours custom-made because the fit is crucial.

We adore this bright, spring-inspired style because it allows you to switch up your work wardrobe from the darker, more conventional colour options without sacrificing even the slightest bit of professionalism. Replace the navy or black trousers with suitably bright colours for a fun approach to add colour to your outfit.

Friday: Business casual- pair a blazer with denim

To maintain a professional appearance when wearing denim to work, you should dress it up a bit. Try wearing a blazer with your pants because of this. Not your regular denim pants, though. These jeans should include a stylish three-button detail, dark coloured, no rips, and some stretch, to prevent them from biting into your waist while you're sitting at your computer.

Add some suede shoes and a camp shirt to complete this cool look. 

Bonus tip: natural tones will offset this look quite perfectly.

So that's 5 days of killing it at work fashionably! Feel free to switch it up and do what works for you till you find your style. 

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