Optical Illusion in Fashion: How to Use Lines to Manipulate Your Figure

It cannot be easy to know how to balance your physical attributes and dress for your body type. What to do? 

Using optical illusions in fashion is one of the simplest ways to make the most of your physical features. Read on to learn how simple but powerful this strategy can be. Here's the thing: Every technique for achieving body balance is based on using lines to create an optical illusion. So if you can get this down, you'll be well on your way to feeling amazing in your clothes.

Vertical lines

Wherever you apply vertical lines, they have a slimming impact on the body. This is why clothing with vertical stripes, wrinkles, or seams down the leg, like pants, can make you appear thinner.

Now, the positioning of the vertical lines is crucial. The closer the lines are, the leaner you'll appear.

Horizontal lines

It's true what they say: horizontal lines might make you appear wider when placed at a wider portion of your body.

However, if used correctly, horizontal lines might work to your advantage. Here is how the optical illusion of horizontal lines works on the body: You appear taller and thinner if an eye can move a distance up or down your body before hitting a horizontal line. The reverse is the case when you have a horizontal line in the middle of your outfit. This is why individuals who tuck their shirts directly into their pants may appear broader than those who wear an untucked shirt or one that is a little longer and thinner. A person seems taller and thinner without a horizontal line being disrupted by a color shift. This is one reason why it is not a good idea for petite ladies to wear contrast-colored belts. This is also why monochromatic clothes are typically endorsed for its slimming effects.

Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines are highly slimming like vertical lines and will slim a region of your body no matter where you place them on your body. For this reason, angled pockets on blazers and jackets always have a slimming effect where they are placed.

Divergent vs. Convergent lines in the shoulder area

Due to the balance established between the upper and lower half of the body, suggesting a wider neckline is one of the easiest dressing tips when you have enormous thighs. The shoulders appear broader, and the hips look thinner because of the wider neckline. For instance, it's not a good idea for pear-shaped women to wear halter tops. 

A bottom-heavy woman can also appear taller and slimmer by opening her shoulders. This makes the eye focus on the shoulder area naturally.

Dark Colors

The saying is true, black does help one look slimmer. Nevertheless, I'd like to go further and assert that any dark color is slimming when placed next to a lighter color. Whatever shade you decide on, as long as it is worn where you are the heaviest, you will look slimmer there.

Now you know how lines and colors manipulate your figure, go ahead and put these tips to good use and feel great in what you wear. 

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