How I Got Into Personal Style

After my daughter was born, I soon realized that I was quickly losing my identity.

As a new mom, I dove into being the best mom that I could be, neglecting my needs, desires and pushing aside my BIG dreams.

When I returned into the corporate world, I had outgrown my current wardrobe and couldn’t find any business attire clothing store for nursing moms.

I had just been diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety and that’s when I discovered the Power of Styling.

Getting dressed up for work saved me mentally.

That simple act of focusing on myself in the morning for a few moments helped me reconnect with the woman that I once was pre-pregnancy.

A powerful woman who got things done and now happens to be a mom. I learned how to make my anxiety work FOR me!

As a new mom to a beautiful baby girl, I found myself returning back to work while she was only 5 months old into the corporate world.

I soon found myself struggling to find something appropriate to wear that didn’t enhance my engorged boobs, had easy access to breastfeed since I worked from home that was stylish, fashionable and clean!

The simple act of dressing up every day and showing up for myself tremendously helped my postpartum anxiety, even if I didn't actually get out of the house for two or three days; mentally I had put myself first.

How I Can Help You

I help CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs communicate their value through their choice of clothing by leveraging the power of colour, silhouettes, and fit by empowering them to be more confident to get noticed for all the right reasons, attract more clients, close more deals and earn more money.



✓ understand that style + image is about much more than looking good

✓ can make you feel more empowered than ever before

✓ the psychology behind styling yourself & how it can help you succeed.


I ALLEVIATE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS about your style by taking the time to get to know YOU.




Curious about how I can transform your style?

What are your biggest challenges with your style?

Do you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?

Let’s fix that!